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A weird western TTRPG about cowboy monster hunters

What is Weird Weird West?

  • It's a Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) hack with bits of Forged in the Dark (FitD) thrown in for good measure. 
    • For fans of cinematic RPGs and narrative-focused story telling.
    • Very little focus on numbers or stats going up and down.
    • Heavy focus on characters making interesting decisions.
    • Just about everything the characters do comes with a consequence, and we play to see how they deal with those consequences.
  • Light on setting, heavy on feel.
    • Make the weird 1800s your own.
    • Play Books, Moves, Descriptions and Art to spark the imagination, instead of a giant boring essay at the start of the rules.
  • Light on rules, heavy on character impact: 
    • Entire rule book is about 35~ pages, including art.
    • 4 playbooks (the FIGHTER, the SNEAK, the THINKER and the WEIRDO)
    • 9 Backgrounds (informing character and initial equipment, like MEDICINE, VICE, OUTLAW or NATURE).
    • Each playbook comes with a WEIRD RUINATION, a power the character can unleash, that comes with a terrible cost...
    • Simple Trauma system, based on the FitD "Harm" system.
    • Character creation takes <5 minutes.
  • Moves give you choices, not things to remember. 
    • No Moves about "adds +2 to X rolls", etc. 
    • Any time you roll the dice, you're pushing the story forward and making an interesting choice.
    • Lots of moves with huge potential for changing the narrative and story, based on player choice.
  • Western tropes and themes.
    • Gun slingers, weird spell casters, obsessive scientists, daring rogues.
    • Core rules are written for 1800s American Wild West, but Moves are designed to be loose enough to be used in Space Westerns, Contemporary Westerns, etc. 
  • A whole bunch of original art
    • Made by yours truly. 
    • Hand curated from ACTUAL museum collections of 1800s photography.
    • Hand edited to be weird and psychedelic. 

Online Playbooks (via Google Sheets)

Head over to this link right here to make a copy of a Google Sheet which has all 4 playbooks in it, allowing you to easily keep track of your characters in a digital format.

Pre-Game Info & Recommendations

  • Recommended Players: 3-5 player characters and 1 GM
  • Playtime: 2 to 4 hours per session
  • Supports One-Shot Sessions: Yes
  • Campaign Length: Minimum 2 or 3ish, maximum 10 or 11ish.

Praise for Weird Weird West

I super love your Weird West rpg [...] Results in some terrific game-play
- @noldorian
[...] started a campaign with this system and the first session went very well
- @FuturaLibre
a very promising and very savvy game which fills a big gap in the current PBTA space
- Itch user Benndak

Free Edition vs Full Edition

Download and play Weird Weird West now, for FREE!

In the free edition, you get:

  • Full colour, 35 page, "Core Rules" PDF.
    • How to play the game, the Moves and full descriptions, loads of original art. Tables for example equipment, tons of examples of everything, 
  • All four Playbooks, built via professional layout software, in black and white.
  • 10 psychedelic and weird character portraits (5 men, 5 women) for you to use as character images, NPCs, etc. EACH featuring a completely unique and custom WEIRD VERSION of the portrait for when things get... not good.

Pay for the Full Edition, and as well as my undying appreciation and thanks, you'll also get:

  • Full colour, 23 page "Running The Game" PDF.
    • Advice on how to run fiction-first, narrative-heavy, cinematic RPGs.
    • Example GM Moves, principles for running the game, advice on how to approach improv and game preparation.
    • A 4 page "Example of gameplay", written as a sort-of script, showcasing how you can run your own games.
    • 35 random tables covering 13 different topics to generate, such as "Villains", "Strange Landmarks & Weird Sites", "The Big Bad Monster", "Wanted Posters Around Town" and "Settlements & Outposts".
  • All 4 playbooks in FULL colour.
  • 40(!?) character portraits, each still including a custom WEIRD version, making for 80 individual, hand curated, hand edited portrait images in total.
  • That's 50+ pages of content, 40 character portraits, 40 WEIRD character portraits and 4 fully laid-out playbacks in colour & black and white.

Weird Weird West On The Internet

Me talking about the game itself with my friends at Hot Dice Nerds!

...and then a live streamed actual play with more of the Hot Dice Nerds!


Relation to WolfEye Studios' "Weird West"

None! Weird West is fantastic, and I highly recommend giving it a go, but this game, Weird Weird West, is completely unrelated. They share a genre and a similar name, but that's about it.


Weird Weird West is released and playable RIGHT NOW, but time and resources permitting, I'd love to continue working on it. No guarantees, but a continued development roadmap includes (in no particular order)

  • New character portraits
  • Sample adventures
  • Continued support and fixes for the game going forward.
StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorTom G
GenreRole Playing
Tagscowboys, dungeonworld, Narrative, PbtA, storytelling, Tabletop role-playing game, weird, weirdwest, Western
Average sessionA few hours


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Weird Weird West - Character Portraits Full ZIP 17 MB
Weird Weird West - Common Moves Cheat Sheet JPEG 1 MB
Weird Weird West - Backgrounds Cheats Sheet JPEG 1 MB
SNEAK Playbook JPEG 1 MB
Weird Weird West - Colour Playbooks PDF 15 MB
Weird Weird West - Colour + B&W Playbooks PDF 29 MB

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Download demo

Weird Weird West - Core Rules PDF 6 MB
Weird Weird West - Character Portraits Free ZIP 4 MB
Weird Weird West - Common Moves Cheat Sheet JPEG 1 MB
Weird Weird West - Backgrounds Cheats Sheet JPEG 1 MB
Weird Weird West - B&W Playbooks PDF 13 MB

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How many players does this game support (or recommended)? Can it be played solo? Game time?

Hey, apologies for taking so long to get back to you! I've updated the description with a quick listing of number of players and sessions the game is designed for. Thanks for taking an interest!

(1 edit) (+1)

this may be a silly request... but is there any way you can release all black-and-white/color Playbooks into a single PDF? thanks so much, looking forward to play this.

Hey, yep, totally can do! These will be included in the next minor release, will hopefully have it out soon!

oh nice, ok!

All done my friend! You should be able to find them in the downloads - colour, B&W, or all together. Enjoy!

you are so fast, was on Itch and just saw the update. thanks a bunch!


This game is great but Does this have fillable sheets to play online?

(1 edit)

Hey, thanks for the kind words!

For playing online, to be completely honest - what the groups I play with like to do (and what I do for literally all the RPGs I run) is just copy & pasting the sheets into an online digital whiteboard tool (like Google Jamboard or Miro) and drawing directly on the sheet, like so: 

In terms of actual VTT, I know that this user has apparently made a sheet on Let's Role? https://itch.io/post/5409169

I'd love to get a Roll20 set/module/game? made, but again; I've never actually used it 😬 πŸ˜… But it's definitely something I want to look into doing in the near future.

EDIT: After some minor investigation, it seems that in order to build a new character sheet "template", one must have a monthly subscription to Roll20 πŸ˜• I'll continue to investigate at some point if there are any other viable options. In the meantime, I'll look into form-fillable PDF files!

Thanks I will use let’s roll for the time

Hello @Futuralibre,

Feel free to comment this VTT sheet and ask for upgrade.

I know that I have to fix some translation (some french words which have to be in english) but i can also make other stuff

Apologies for resurrecting a comment from months ago, but - I've made some fillable sheets to help digital play! https://tmcgry.itch.io/weird-weird-west/devlog/405470/online-playbooks-via-googl...

Hope you find them to be a help!


Hey Tom !

I've made a VTT character sheet for Weird Weird West on the french VTT let's role.

But before publishing it, i need your permission.

It's first try, so the sheet can only do few things (like rolling dice)

For the moment, i kept it in english but in the future i'd like to translate it in French

If you want to take a look, i can share a link before publishing.

(2 edits)

Hey hey! Awww man, that's so fantastic! Yep, you absolutely have my permission. All I ask is that you link back to https://thunderchild15.itch.io/weird-weird-west somewhere in a description, title, tooltip, etc. (I'm not sure exactly how Let's Role works)

Small word of warning (and spoiler!) though - I am very close to releasing a new set of character sheets, with updated mechanics. So if you wanted to hold off for the new ones (maybe a week or two), you'd get the very latest versions. Otherwise, what you'll have at the minute will be out of date.

Feel free to DM me at https://twitter.com/tmcgry if you wanna discuss further, and thanks again.

EDIT: Oh, and if possible, send me a link too! I'd love to take a look! πŸ˜ƒ


yeah ! That's good news !

I'll wait till the latest version.

I have no twitter account yet but i'll create one  to send you a link to the sheet


Hey Tom! I GMed a very successful playtest of this recently and was able to collect some feedback from my players. I was wondering what would be a good way to send that in?


Oh jeeez, that's amazing to hear! That would be wonderful, yeah - I guess a Twitter direct message is probably best? You can reach me at https://twitter.com/tmcgry. Thanks again! Super excited that someone ran it and had fun!


DMs are closed πŸ˜… You can open them up or follow back at @chicanokobe and I'll shoot you a Google doc

Ooop, apologies! Had no idea hahaha, I'm not super well versed in Twitter. I've opened them up, plus followed you, let me know if it's still not working